About Amanda

In addition to writing the Camille Delaney series, I’m the founder and busy managing partner of DuBois Levias Law Group, a woman-owned boutique family law firm on Lake Union in Seattle, where I maintain an active family law practice. Over the past thirty years, I’ve represented thousands of individuals – both in divorces and medical malpractice cases. I’ve argued hundreds of motions and taken many cases to trial. I’ve also provided pro bono legal representation for parents who served time in prison and have become very familiar with the issues they face. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I was a high-risk labor and delivery nurse at University of Washington Medical Center.

Having a background in both medicine and the law has given me unique insight into the inequities of both systems. That perspective drove me to create the Camille Delaney mystery series. Camille’s adventures weave questions about justice into a fast-paced reading experience with the twists and turns one would expect from a good thriller. My purpose in writing the series is to raise awareness of injustice and create an opportunity for readers to reflect on how our system could work better for those most marginalized.


The Complication was published in spring 2022 and Deliver Them From Evil was published in March 2023. Unshackled will be published in February 2025—and I’m super excited about this one!  

The Complication received The 2023 International Book Award for Best Fiction: Mystery/Suspense Fiction, https://internationalbookawards.com/2023pressrelease.html, 2023 and 2024 American Legacy Book Awards, and an Honorable Mention Award from the Eric Hoffer Book Award in the 2023 E-Fiction category. It was also designated by IndieReader’s as a “Best Reviewed Books of the Month in January 2022. Their review contains a helpful synopsis of the story. And The Complication received a favorable review by Kirkus Reviews in spring 2022. Both books spent several weeks on the Bestseller list for Medical Thrillers on Amazon. 

When I’m not lawyering or writing, I’m usually working on the same social justice issues that I’m sending Camille out to explore. In about 2015, I founded Civil Survival Project, an organization that teaches advocacy skills to formerly incarcerated individuals. Civil Survival Project’s mission is to Educate, Motivate, and Liberate people who have been directly impacted by the criminal legal system.  Civil Survival also provides civil legal aid to individuals struggling with the consequences of incarceration and helping them with reentry. 

Once I learned about all of the inequities in the criminal legal system, I decided to fund a scholarship called the Full Circle Scholarship at my alma mater, Seattle University School of Law. The scholarship helps with tuition for students who have been directly impacted by the criminal legal system. To my great surprise, in 2022, I was honored to receive the  Sally P. Savage Leadership in Philanthropy Award from the Washington State Bar Association and the Washington State Bar Foundation. 

Continuing with my endeavors to level the playing field for the most marginalized, I currently serve as Vice President of the board of Purpose Dignity Action in Seattle (which advocates for criminal legal system reform and develops alternatives that shift from a punishment paradigm to a system that supports individual and community health). I’m also a long-time board member of Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (which provides post-secondary education to women inside Washington Corrections Center for Women). I’m one of the past presidents of the Women’s Funding Alliance, and have served on a number of community boards. I’m currently a member of the Seattle Chapter of the Women’s President’s Association.

My most recent foray into the world of nonprofits is in process. I’m creating the Unshackle Fund to provide resources for women and organizations who are working to reunite children with their mothers post-prison. Stay tuned. This one will be very cool! 

Last, because I’m passionate about raising up the voices of women who are creating meaningful ripple effects in our communities, I’ve created a newsletter that I call The Ripple Haven- named after my childhood summer home near Lake Michigan. The name has a special meaning now- it’s a haven (safe place) to explore our own ripple effects. If you’d like to follow the stories of some amazing women, please subscribe here, https://www.amandadubois.com/blog/announcing-ripple-haven, and check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel (link to channel) where I interview amazing women.