A Tribute to Renata Abramson

Kim Bogucki and Amanda DuBois

Recently, my friend, retired Seattle Police detective, Kim Bogucki, shared her story with me about the unlikely friendship she developed with Renata Abramson while Renata was incarcerated at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

You don’t have to climb the mountain all at once

​I can’t think of a better change agent to introduce you to in my first-ever Ripple Haven Newsletter! The whole reason I’m starting this project is to share the stories of the amazing women in my life. I hope we can all take some inspiration from how my friend, Ivy, turned her greatest adversity into what she calls […]

Announcing The Ripple Haven Newsletter

Ripple Haven Newsletter

Have you thought about the change you want to make in the world? The people you want to reach? The impact you want to make? Not just in your professional and personal life but across your community, industry, and in the world at large? Me too. But real change and impact do not happen overnight […]