Deliver Them From Evil

In book two of the Camille Delaney Mystery series, a mother turns to Camille for help investigating a top Seattle doctor after tragedy strikes the delivery room. Seattle attorney Camille Delaney is cash-strapped and struggling to balance the demands of her new solo legal practice with raising her three daughters. But when an emergency C-section goes wrong and a baby dies in the delivery room, the mother, Helene Anderson, shows up at Camille’s office asking for help. Facing the challenge of a legal system where child-loss verdicts are limited by the dollar value placed on a child’s life, Camille considers a quick settlement for the family. But Helene insists: her child’s life had value, and Camille needs to prove it in court. Camille agrees to take the case to trial. The defendants are Dr. Jessica Kensington, one of Seattle’s top doctors and beloved volunteer and society hostess, and her medical practice partner, her father, the glad-handing, high-profile Dr. Kip Davenport. Dr. Kensington is respected in the community and stellar on the stand. But Camille and her friend PI Trish Seaholm begin to uncover what happened in the delivery room—and what lies behind Dr. Kensington’s seemingly flawless facade. Unstable behavior at work, flagrant breaches of care, and clues about a dark family past that lead to a high-security psychiatric facility are just some of what they unearth about Dr. Kensington. But pieces of the picture are missing: how could the doctor treat Helene and her baby so irresponsibly? As the case builds toward trial, and as she grapples with the deep inequities of the justice system, will Camille be able to uncover the evidence she needs to convince a jury of Dr. Kensington’s guilt? And can she offer some semblance of peace to a grieving mother?

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